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Giving & Pay It Forward is what we do as an Organization, Group and Community.

We come Together to Help others.

Check Back for Updates on what we are up to this Holiday Season...


Mother's Day Giving

Giving at Local Nursing Homes for Mother's Day - Delivery of Flowers to over 300+ Ladies in our Community

Father's Day Giving

For Father's Day we made up goodie bags for 150+ Gentlemen in our Community at local Nursing homes. Our youth Volunteers delivered these goodie bags with Smiles and Kindness.


Holiday Giving

We focused on deliveries to those affected by local flooding and Covid. We did our best to bring some Smiles to those struggling this year.


Flooding / Disaster Giving

Our Group & Community Stepped up following the Flooding in our area - we assisted with cleaning and necessities. Being there for people at that time was Needed and we were there.

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